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Deeds, Agreements & Documents

We provide all kinds of legal documentation services of drafting, vetting, registration, stamping, notary and other attestation of various documents, deeds, petitions and wills according to the need of our clients and as required.

Our team of experienced and qualified advocates are all expertise in their fields, giving the best needed documentation solution to every client.

While drafting do take special care of all applicable laws, the parties negotiations, with the agreed terms and conditions following the important terms as arbitration clause, final integration clause and force majeure clause.

Our services in the area of deeds, agreements and documentation expertise are;

  • Sale of immovable property deed
  • Mortgage deed
  • Various lease deeds
  • Will and Codicil
  • Gift deeds
  • Exchange of property deeds
  • Trusts deed
  • Partition deed
  • Leave and license deeds
  • Ownership flats and developments agreements
  • Collaboration/Builder Agreement
  • Easements
  • Deeds of confirmation, rectification and cancellation
  • Sale of business deed
  • Charter party agreements
  • Hypothecation and pledge
  • Hire and purchase agreements
  • Actionable claim agreements
  • Law of contracts
  • Bailment
  • Power of attorney agreements
  • Banking and negotiable instruments
  • Adoption agreement
  • Arbitration agreement
  • Testamentary documents
  • Power of appointments agreement
  • Family Settlement Deed
  • Relinquishment Deed
  • Rectification Deed
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Certified Copies of Documents
  • Indemnity and guarantee deed
  • Agency agreements
  • Apprenticeship
  • Service contracts
  • Bonds
  • Partnership agreements
  • Building agreements
  • Foreign collaboration agreements
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Advertisement Contracts
  • Transport Contracts
  • Information Technology and Computer Contracts
  • Labor law and documentation
  • Company, corporation and society agreements
  • Other Legal Documents

    We also provide a complete range of Property Related Legal Drafting, Registration and Liaison Services in Delhi, India. In addition, we also provide the following services;

  • Conversion of Property from Leasehold to Freehold in Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and Land and Development Office (L&DO).
  • Mutation/Substitution of Name of the owner in the records of Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Land and Development Office(L&DO), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC)
  • Registration of Trusts and Societies.
  • Registration of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Designs, ISO etc.
  • Representation on behalf of the Vendor/Vendee in a property sale/purchase transaction.
  • Taking care of all the legal aspects in a Property Sale/Purchase Transaction.
  • Obtaining Certified Copies of Documents
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Title Search Reports / Non-Encumbrance Certificate
  • Property Valuation report for Income Tax/ Capital gain Tax purpose

  • e-Stamp Papers and Attestation of Documents from Notary, etc.